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If I have no job experience, what options do I have?

Who is eligible for Career Services employment services?

Who do I contact if I am looking for employees?

Can I make an appointment to talk to someone about my employment options?

Does Career Services use Virtual Reality to help with job experience?

We do more than you ever expect

Career Services is both a business and service dedicated to expanding employment opportunities for individuals facing barriers to employment.  We support individuals, employers, and community partners to help people realize their work and life goals.

Glad you found us!

We work hard to live our mission every day through the work we do to support our community. 

My Discovery Steps

Just starting your employment journey or not sure what’s needed for today’s job market?

My Job Search

Just what the title says and then some...

My Transition from School

Finished school? Leaving School? ...what's next?

My Action Steps

Job Seekers and Students! Have we got a service path for you!

My Job

We are here to help as you earn while you learn on the job


Whoa! Who would have thought learning about work could be so much fun!
Learning through virtual reality is …out of this world!

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