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Our Mandate:

Career Services receives partial funding from the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services to provide employment supports for people who are 18+ and have a developmental/intellectual disability and are registered with Developmental Services Ontario (we can help you with the DSO process if you are not connected).

Revenue generated through our business helps to offset additional costs and allows Career Services to open our doors to support individuals with other barriers to employment.


Career Services has the following eligibility criteria:

  • An adult (18+) who has a developmental/intellectual disability.
  • An adult (18+) who faces a barrier to employment.
  • A student who has an employment barrier and is looking for a summer work experience (17+).
  • Able to get to and from Career Services’ locations as well as work sites.
  • Prepared to follow a work schedule on a regular basis. You may work part-time or full-time, but reliability is a basic work expectation.
  • Independent in your basic needs. Career Services is not able to provide personal support in the areas of eating, dressing, hygiene, or medication. 
  • Ability to be independent in a work/volunteer setting (this can happen as we move along the path to employment).
  • Motivated to work and willing to accept instruction, direction, correction, and advice from your job coach and employer.

Applying to Career Services:

  • The first step is to either call or e-mail us!
  • The second step is to join our Client Services Manager for a friendly, relaxed consultation meeting. This is a great way to learn more about our services and for Career Services to learn more about you and your goals.
  • Together, a decision is made about moving forward with an intake interview – this is the paperwork side of our service but do not worry – there are no right or wrong answers to the questions being asked!


The Journey to Employment:

Career Services understands the path to employment can look different for everyone – from experienced job seekers to a young person transitioning out of school – and for this reason, we remain committed to offering services that are individualized, tailored to the learning style of the person, and is respectful of where a person is on their employment journey.

Career Services continues to adapt and adjust to meet the everchanging needs of the employment market including, increased technology-based learning, the pressures and challenges faced by the business community, etc., and the changing needs and supports of the individuals we assist. 

The journey to employment starts with determining where a person is on their own unique journey.  Career Services has designed “service paths” to help individuals learn, understand, and use the resources within each path.


RU Ready, An Introduction to Work:

  • Our newly designed RU Ready service path helps participants start their journey to employment through self discovery and learning about the expectations and work habits that are needed for today’s job market. RU Ready is a great starting point for someone who has not worked before and is unsure or nervous about entering the employment world for the first time. At the conclusion of RU Ready, every participant is provided with a detailed report of their experience including recommendations for moving forward.


  • Ready4Work is designed to offer individuals who have limited work experience or have been out of the job market for a period of time, the opportunity to work in Career Services’ industry. Participants work for a specified length of time (25 to 30 hours) and in the same capacity as our production team.  Job coaching support, counselling, and teaching from our Employment Services team is offered throughout the Ready4Work experience. 
  • A detailed report with recommendations is offered for every participant at the completion of the READY4WORK.


  • Our summerWORK$ program is offered to students 17 and older who face an employment barrier and are returning to school in the fall. summerWORK$ was initiated and developed as a program option for young people in school who are motivated and want to work but require supports to make work a reality.

A 2012 US study found that the number one indicator of successful labour market attachment for people with severe disabilities, upon graduation from school was having had a paid job while in school.”


  • Originally launched during the first stage of the COVID-19 pandemic to stay connected to individuals virtually, Ready2Learn has grown into a creative, dynamic and fun way learn about today’s job market.
  • Ready2Learn is offered once/week to anyone connected with Career Services and would like a virtual way to learn and talk about employment-related topics. This service path is ideal for people new to the world of work, who live outside of Brockville, or who may be nervous about starting their employment journey.
  • Participation is voluntary and although this is an interactive group learning format, Career Services’ respects the right for all individuals to participate at his/her comfort level.

Job Search Support:

  • Many individuals come to Career Services needing help to conduct an effective, targeted job search. Our Job Search service path offers participants the opportunity to work with an Employment Developer to help discover “right fit” jobs, learn about our local job market, create resumes, cover letters and reference forms and how to market yourself to prospective employers.
  • Our Corporate Engagement Specialist commits a large portion of his workday talking with employers to better understand their hiring needs and promote Career Services’ extensive labour pool.
  • When a job is found, Career Services can offer job coaching supports to assist a person in learning a new job and navigating the social aspects of a workplace. Coaching supports will fade out as the person learns the job.


  • Through funding from the Ontario Government, Skills Development Fund, Career Services has joined the world of virtual learning! VjobReady allows participants the opportunity to experience working in a virtual café.  From greeting customers, to taking orders, to making meals, to working with the POS (Point of Sale) system, learners can practice hospitality/restaurant job skills in a safe, errorless learning environment.
  • VjobReady can be utilized as a service path for individuals only wanting to explore virtual learning and is often used within our other service paths.



  •  Have you ever wondered or wanted to know more about an occupation or a specific job?  Do you feel you have an idea or passion about a career path but want to know more information before making a final decision?  If so, MentorAbility may be a great starting point for you!

  • MentorAbility is a national initiative that helps individuals facing employment barriers explore possible career/job choices by matching an individual (protégé) to a business mentor.  This full or half day experience allows the protégé an opportunity to learn through conversations and observations, and the unique job duties and responsibilities of a specific occupation or job. 



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