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Benefits to Employers

I am an employer, how can VjobReady help me recruit, train and retain employees?

Right Fit Candidates   |   Cost Savings   |   Reduced Turnover

Employers who have hired VjobReady participants say they appreciate that VjobReady referrals have proven aptitude, interest, and familiarity with the job duties.

Employers report time and onboarding cost savings with VjobReady candidates and are pleased with the support that can be available through the service provider.

Statistics show that our “right fit” candidate referrals have longer retention rates, which also contributes to reduced turnover and onboarding costs.


    We invite you to connect with our Employer Engagement Specialist to learn more about recruiting our pre trained, pre-screened “right fit” candidates so you too can save onboarding and turnover costs and improve employee retention.

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