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Employers Overview

Career Services is a unique business that operates an industrial manufacturing social enterprise, a Staffing Solutions service and an employment program.  We can assist your business through candidate referrals, supplemental labor and by fulfilling manufacturing needs. 

For over 45 years Career Services has been in businesses for our community forging partnerships with corporations including P&G and 3M.  Career Services employment program has assisted 100’s of job seekers in reaching their employment goals while, in turn, helping community employers become more successful through efficiencies, industrially approved Quality Assurance personnel and inclusive practices.

How can we assist your business?

  • Candidate referrals to fill job openings
  • Contracted worker(s) or teams through our Staffing Solutions service
  • In-house manufacturing of just in time: assembly, re-work and packaging
  • Options to assist you in addressing operational needs and gaps
  • Support for your inclusive hiring and workforce diversity goals

At Career Services we have you covered.

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