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Benefits to Job Seekers

I want to find a job, how can VjobReady help me?


If you have never had a job or are nervous about entering/re-entering the workforce, VjobReady is a comfortable way to explore the world of work, learn about employer expectations and build your knowledge, skills, and confidence, all at your own pace.

You are in control.


If it takes you longer to learn things, you learn differently or you prefer to learn through hands-on activities, VjobReady is a great way to gain exposure and experience in a comfortable environment. You can practice and repeat steps and make cost-free mistakes without time pressures or the stress of performing for a real boss or serving real customers. Your job coach will be there to provide guidance and support.

You receive hands-on stress-free training at your pace.


Employers like that: VjobReady candidates are pre-trained, know what to expect on a job and know the basic job duties. Knowing what to expect helps make onboarding training easier for everyone and usually results in keeping your job longer.

You learn what to know and know what to expect.

We invite you to contact our Client Services Manager to see if you are an eligible candidate for VjobReady training, which provides job seekers the opportunity to explore, learn, train, and discover through the immersive power of virtual reality.

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