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Needles with a Story

kollage SQUARE ™  is a subsidiary of Career Services Group Ltd. a division of Career Services. Career Services started as a grass roots initiative in 1972. Our organization was formed by a group of families with disabled members that faced barriers to employment. We have been in business for over 45 years, but we were officially incorporated in 1976. Our business does not have an owner, we are a non-profit organization overseen by a board of directors made up of community minded working and retired professionals that guide our mission to expand inclusive employment.

Training that’s out of this world

VjobReady has harnessed the power of virtual reality to create job readiness training that is simply out of this world!  VjobReady provides a scalable hands-on learning experience in a safe simulated environment that can support longer learning curves.  Job Seekers are observed and supported in completing tasks and functions, learning transferable skills and efficient work habits. Career Practitioners have embraced the modules and have assimilated the adaptable experiences across their suites of programs and services.  Practitioners and facilitators report the benefits of VjobReady for: career exploration, assessing employment readiness, evaluating employment skills and providing skills development training in a low-stress environment.  We invite you to explore, learn and discover through the immersive power of virtual reality. For more information contact Ryan at [email protected] (613) 699-5696

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