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I am a service provider, how can VjobReady help me support clients on their journey 2 employment?

VjobReady is a virtual reality training module that provides a scalable learning experience for

job seekers with longer learning curves, those with hands-on learning styles and youth/job

seekers with disabilities and barriers to employment. 

VjobReady is a trialed, research-based, training tool originally designed for career exploration

and transferable skill development to support the journey2employment for job seekers who

are neurodiverse. VjobReady is a safe, comfortable, mobile and customizable virtual reality

training experience that is less costly than real-world training. 

Service providers who have adopted VjobReady across their suite of programs note added benefits that include the opportunity :

to assess job readiness
to evaluate soft and hard skills
to identify anticipated levels of support for job placement
for individuals to build the self-confidence to enter/re-enter the workforce. 

If you are working with a job seeker who is unfamiliar with work expectations, who have no, or

limited, work experience or is anxious to enter/re-enter the workforce, you will find that

VjobReady will be a valuable resource for the job seeker, practitioner, job developer and

prospective employers.  Service providers and participants report an increase in job readiness,

skills, independence, and confidence. Job seekers routinely comment on feeling safe in the

virtual learning environment and have overcome their fears of performing duties like operating

a POS (point of sale cash register).  Job Developers appreciate the ability to reference

demonstrated job readiness and right fit placement with prospective employers. Employers

report that VjobReady is a valuable pre-employment training tool that facilitates employment

readiness and saves time/cost in onboarding. Stats demonstrate high retention rates in these

right-fit job placements. 

Service Providers have seen benefits from VjobReady sessions for job seekers who

struggle with transferring classroom-based learning to real-world application
benefit from hands-on learning
experience a longer learning curve.
are anxious about entering/re-entering the workforce 

In a VjobReady session the job seeker works through a series of job duties in a simulated work

environment with the support and guidance of their employment practitioner or job coach. The

coach becomes the VR training facilitator who can control features and functions in the session

to support the learning style and learning curve of the job seeker. The job seeker works

through three performance levels beginning with an errorless learning level followed by

increasingly more complex tasks and more stressful job demands. The VR facility can focus

sessions on one task or component if an individual requires additional practice to build skill or

confidence. Telemetry data, automatically captured during each session, helps to confirm the

job seeker’s progress and skills development. Progress has been observed in initial sessions;

individuals typically progress through the 3 learning levels in just 3 VR sessions. 

We invite you to book a demo today through our VjobReady team, to learn more about how

VjobReady can assist you with skill evaluation and training, support your clients along their

employment journey and assist employers with recruitment, onboarding, and retention.

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