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FAQ’s For Industry / Production

Q: I am interested in your packaging/pallet manufacturing/employment solutions services for my business, who do I call to get pricing?

A: Send an email to with your requirements and contact information and we will call you to discuss options.

Is there any cost for picking up our business’ cardboard?

Within the Brockville area the pick-up is free. Outside Brockville a small fee is applied for our trucking service. We can provide bins for your cardboard and switch them out on a routine basis.

Will your Dock bays accommodate full size 53ft trailers?

Yes, we have 5 full sized truck bays, as well as 2 ground level bays. We can accommodate up to 14, 53 ft trailers on our site. We also have 2 forklifts to unload/load trailers and 2, 5 ton trucks onsite for delivery and pickups.

Do you offer production manpower for off-site locations?

Yes! We currently have crews of employees working at different sites throughout Brockville area. If your site is located out of Brockville area, we can arrange taxis to transport crews to the required location. This can be arranged for short or long-term work contracts.

We use custom machinery to make our products, can we send our machinery to your location to have your crews operate it?

Yes, we have several customers that have transferred their custom machinery to our location to assemble and package their products. Our building is fully equipped for most power requirements (including 3 phase 600amp). Many jobs are small run production, and we can accommodate this need. We also have trained machine operators, mechanics and machinists that can properly operate and maintain your equipment.

Do you have access to large warehouse areas if we have a one-time large production run?

Yes! Contact us with your needs and we can accommodate, we have close partnerships with local warehouses, trucking services, and staffing to get the job done!

Do you work from a set of Standard Operating Procedures? If so, what are they?

We do. In fact, we have spent over 40 years developing, testing, revising, and codifying them. We have volumes of detailed, industry-specific SOPs, from pharmaceutical, packaged goods, to food service companies.

What types of wood do you use in your pallet building?

We currently only use Heat Treated (HT) Softwood Lumber. However, we can accommodate and build to any specification. Our Lumber suppliers can source any kind of material from non-HT to Hard Wood.

We are looking to hire people for our company, is there a finder’s fee if we hire from your bank of people?

Our facility is focused on training and development to help people obtain work skills, we have no fees or costs for hiring. We actually encourage our staff to apply at many different jobs, and provide them with the supports to be successful.

I would like to work for Career Services production line, how do I apply? What is the process?

We always accept resumes by email Our production needs change all the time, we keep all resumes on file and when we need to hire, we call from the submitted resumes. When we need additional staff, you will also see job postings on the Indeed and Employment and Education Centres (EEC) websites. As jobs become available, we review resumes and select possible candidates, and call successful candidates for an interview.

How will I be paid?

Career Services strives to be a ‘paperless’ organization, our employees are paid weekly via direct deposit.

Can I still apply if I am looking for part-time or weekend work?

Of course. We regularly recruit for several different shifts, and schedules. However, it helps to remain open to and flexible various shifts.

Can I register if I have no work experience?

Of course, everyone needs to start somewhere! Career Services prides itself in helping everyone attain employment.