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Administration & Finance

Cynthia Sparring
Executive Director
Ext. 22

Brenda Donovan
Manager of Finance and Human Resources
Ext. 21

Lyne Hallett
Administration & Invoicing
Ext. 20

Industrial Services

Dave Smith
Business Manager
Ext. 33

Jerry Osborne
Industrial Services Manager
Ext. 31

Fay Hottot
Production Supervisor
Ext. 32

Employment Services

Carol Roy
Vocational Assessment Coordinator
Ext. 25

Carrie Onstein
Employment Developer
Youth Transitions
Ext. 28

Chad Noonan
Employer/ Corporate Engagement Specialist
Ext. 30

Donna Warren
Client Services Supervisor
Ext. 23

Peter LeClair
Employment Developer
Ext. 29

Roxanne Lackey
Employment Developer
Ext. 27

Ryan Billing
Transitions Facilitator
Ext. 26

Wendy Galloway
Employment Developer
Ext. 34