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FAQ’s For Job Seekers

A: No. Career Service and the Employment and Education Centre (EEC) are separate Non-Profit organizations governed by their own Board of Directors.  They are funded through different Provincial Ministries.

Career Services does have an office at EEC.  The two organizations collaborate on projects and programs.  They also work together often sharing resource and expertise to support job seekers and assist employers in our community.

Career Services specializes in working with people who have a disability. Career Services is partially funded to assist people with a developmental/intellectual disability and uses funds earned through their Social Enterprise Industry to assist a broader range of job seekers.

A: The journey to employment is different for different people. There are many factors that affect how long it takes to find a job. Every job seeker must consider their unique set of circumstances. Workopolis Canada reports that “Getting a new job takes time. Job searches can last anywhere from two days to over a year, but for most people it is roughly four months.”  Other reports indicate averages of 9 weeks to 5 months to find work.  We were not able to find average job search statistics for people with a disability.

What is Pathway to Employment

What is Assessment / Employability Determination

What is Employment Preparation

What is Job Development / Job Creation

What is Job Coaching

What is Job Accommodation , Modification  Performance Aid

What is job retention / Job Maintenance

What is School to work transition

What is summerWORK$

Work Integrated Learning , Job Trials

Job Trials, working interviews

Want is IES

What is UpSkills for work

FAQ’s For Employers


Prospective / Current Es Employers

  • FEES: Is there a fee for candidate referrals ? Is there a fee for employee onboarding supports ?
  • SERVICES: How can Career Services help me fill a position ? 
  • I don’t have a full time job to offer, but my team needs some additional help.  Can Career Services help my team fill the needs with a minimal cost to my bottom line ?
  • How can Career Services help our company become more Inclusive employer ?

FAQ’s For Industry Solutions / Production Candidates

A: Send an email to with your requirements and contact information and we will call you to discuss options.

A: Within the Brockville area the pick-up is free. Outside Brockville a small fee is applied for our trucking service.  We can provide bins for your cardboard and switch them out on a routine basis.

A: Yes, we have 5 full sized truck bays, as well as 2 ground level bays. We can accommodate up to 14, 53 ft trailers on our site. We also have 2 forklifts to unload/load trailers.  We have 2, 5 ton trucks onsite for delivery and pickups, as well.

A: Yes! we are located at few different sites through-out Brockville, we have crews that go to each site to work. If your site is located out of Brockville area, we can arrange taxis to transport crews to the required location. This can be arranged for short term or long-term work possibilities.

A: Yes, we have many specialized production machines that are delivered to our location and we run jobs as needed. Our building is fully equipped for most power requirements (ie; 3 phase 600amp) hookups. Many jobs are small run production, and we can accommodate this need. We also have trained mechanics and machinists that can properly operate the equipment.

A: Yes! Contact us with your needs and we can accommodate, we have close partnerships with open warehouses, trucking services, and staffing to get the job done!

A: Our facility is a training and development that helps people obtain work skills, we have no fees or costs for hiring, we encourage staff to apply at many different jobs, and provide the supports to be successful.

A: We always accept resumes at our front office, as our production needs change all the time, we keep your resume on file and when we need to hire, we call submitted resumes. When we need additional staff, you will see job postings on the Indeed website, and it will be posted at the EEC center in Brockville. As jobs come available, we review resumes and select possible candidates, and call the candidate for interview.