The Super Students of the Summerwork$ Program

Check out the trailer we made for the program….we had a lot of fun this summer so we thought we would do the same in making a video!

What a fabulous summer we had with our 8 students who participated in the Summerwork$ program. Students gained valuable skills, experience, resume development and the students continued to tell me the biggest positive…to MAKE MONEY!

A summary of the program:
Students with intellectual disabilities from participating high schools were given the opportunity to apply to the program that mirrored a job selection process. Summerwork$ staff met with teachers and conducted interviews to allow the students to gain experience in the job search process and allowed us to select the students most deserving of the opportunity.

Students were then matched to selected employers that were the best fit for all parties. Students were supported by our fabulous Summerwork$ job coaches Emily & Peter and were offered assistance in job routine creation and ensuring positive work habits were formed. If the students learn positive work/social skills in their first job they hopefully will continue those habits in the future. The goal for all students was to create independence within the job as quickly as possible over the 8 week length of the program.

6 Brockville students were selected along with our partnership with Community Living North Grenville who selected 2 students from Kemptville based high schools.

Participating Employers: Canadian Tire, Bud’s on the Bay, City of Brockville(Harbour), Career Services Industry, and Home Hardware were the Brockville Employers. Brewed Awakenings and Madison Montessori School were the employers in Kemptville.

It still amazes us the success and growth we have seen over the summer in these students. We have already received comments from teacher like “We have seen a complete change in the students demeanor” or “The confidence that they have now has greatly improved”. Examples such as this is why we operate the program. To give students a chance to learn and experience work. And what happens as a result? Students gain skills and other attributes that transcend the work experience and lead the students as they transition from high school.

We couldn’t be more happy with the experience for the students and we had fabulous community employers that embraced the program and wanted to be a part of something special.

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