Summerwork$ Program Information for Students

Want a summer job?                                      Have no experience?

Want to build your resume?                           Want to make $$$$$$$$?

Not sure what you want to do?                       Do you want to gain experience?

Do you have a disability or barrier?

Then the Career Services Summerwork$ Program may be the right fit for you!  Career Services is currently accepting applications from students 16 years of age and older to be involved in our summer program which is aimed at matching students entering the transition period in high school to jobs in our community.

Who is Career Services?  Career Services is a community based agency that assists individuals with varying disabilities seek, obtain, retain and be successful in employment.  Our goal is to assist each individual we work with in the way they need assistance and we pride ourselves on finding the match and helping people become independent on the job. Career Services wants to create a connection with students prior to leaving school so that we can better assist in the transition to the world of work.

What is the Summerwork$ Program?  An eight week program (running from the end of your school year until mid to late August) designed to give the student the opportunity to work for a local company/business, while gaining experience, job skills, and make money at the same time!  Career Services will have one-on-one job coaching supports to assist in learning the job routine and making sure the job is a success.  Students will be required to apply for the opportunity and a selection committee made up of school supports staff and Career Services will select the candidates.  There will be a select number of job opportunities in the program.

Career Services and the employers have expectations of you the student:

  1. Be willing to interview with our selection committee and/or the employer
  2.     Committed to work and the responsibility of working
  3. Willing to learn and listen to direction from employers, fellow employees, and your job coach
  4. 100% attendance throughout the work period and pre-employment training and workshop
  5. Transportation be available to get you to and from work (accommodations can be made)

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