Summerwork$ Program: Benefits to the Employer

What is the Summerwork$ Program?

Designed to explore work opportunities to returning students of area high schools and assist them in gaining real job experiences, building a resume, and earning a wage.  The employment period would run from late June until the middle of August (8 week program).

Students are required to apply for the program much like any job and will be screened and interviewed prior to meeting with the employer to ensure a match is successful.  We will be accepting four applicants into the program. Acceptance to the program will be competitive and based on individuals who exhibit the traits of a quality employee.

What we are looking for in an employer?

·         minimum of 20 hours per week scheduled for the student

·         a willingness to role model and lead

·         a willingness to diversify your labour pool

Benefits to you the Employer:

  1. Get the job done.  Priority #1 is the job is completed to your full expectations
  2. Student receives one-on-one job coaching to ensure expectations are met
  3. Receive a subsidy that helps offset the cost of hiring the student
  4. Job Coaching ensures the job is done safely and correctly
  5.  Potentially secure a longer term employee who is fully trained and immersed within your staff after the Summerwork$ program


Some Quick facts: Did you know?

• The Conference Board of Canada reports a one million worker shortfall by 2020; enhance your understanding of a diverse talent pool and how it can meet your future needs

• Studies show that 97% of people with disabilities in the workforce rate as average to above average in terms of safety on the job

• A DuPont survey found that 90% of employees with disabilities rated average or better in job performance


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