Manufacturing Pallets / Skids / Shipping Containers

pallets and skids

Career Services manufactures any size of softwood pallet, skid or shipping container that an operation may require. We are pleased to manufacture small or large quantities of orders.    We do not have such a thing as a standard size and our prices are most competitive. Whatever the needs, we will custom build according to your specifications.

Career Services is the only pallet manufacturer in the Brockville area that is ISPM 15 approved. If a business is shipping its product on a pallet to an overseas destination, then the pallet must conform to this international standard or face possibilities of having the product seized and/or destroyed. Indeed, Career Services is one of only a small handful of manufacturers in all of Eastern Ontario with this approved designation.

We are proud of the standards that we exercise in our manufacture of a low-cost, quality product.

pallets and skids

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