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Industrial Services Overview

 Career Services Facts — All “Wrapped Up”

Career Services is the largest independent co-packer in South Eastern Ontario.

Career Services will package anything. Big or small.

Career Services is the 4th largest industrial employer in Brockville with a workforce of over

                             200 people.

Career Services packaged in excess of 5 million items this year.

Career Services operates a non-profit, self-supporting business independent of government

                             or charitable assistance.

Career Services contributed in excess of $380,000, 100% of all business profits, to help in the

                             funding to place disabled members of the community into employment.

Career Services employs people without disabilities to work side-by-side with others who have

                             disabilities or face employment barriers.

Career Services helped 75 people with disabilities or barriers last year.

Career Services has found more employment opportunities for people with disabilities than

                            any other community of its size in Ontario.

Career Services has capabilities to work 24/7.

Career Services is a member in good standing of the ISPM 15 programme for the shipping of

                          bug free pallets to international market places.

Career Services is owned and operated by an independent board of directors that is made up

                          of a variety of different volunteers from the community who represent all facets

                          of life.  By utilizing their diverse experience and knowledge, Career Services is

                          one of the most successful operations of its kind.

Career Services saved 7,800 trees this year by recycling corrugated cardboard.

Career Services cares about people.  If it’s “just a chance” that a person needs,

Career Services is a good place to start looking for it.

Career Services…working hand in hand with the community.


We offer many industrial services and can assist in your packaging and on demand service needs.  We also can provide temporary labour needs to help you with workflow. Please continue reading to learn more about these services.

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