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Client Services FAQ

What is a Functional (Situational) Assessment?

A functional or situational assessment is an assessment of your skills and habits performing real work in a real work environment.

You will be asked to attend a work place and work. Some of the skills and habits that will be evaluated include: your attendance, learning style, interpersonal skills and productivity.

You may work for a specific time within Career Services industries, with a community employer or a combination. This on-the-job assessment gives you a chance to explore interests, learn about the world of work and gain valuable work experience.

Is information kept private?

All information is confidential. To better serve you, we sometimes find it valuable to consult with other professionals or people who know you well. Before discussing your case with anyone, your permission will be requested and you will have to sign a Release of Information Form.

Do I need a criminal reference / police records check?

You do not need a criminal reference check or police records check to receive services from Career Services, but you may need one if your are referred to an employer who requires one.

It is becoming very common for employers to request a Criminal Reference Check or Police Records Check and to impose hiring restrictions for recent convictions of certain charges.

Does Career Services require medical information?

Career Services requires information about medical conditions that may affect or restrict your participation in training or working. For example, we need to know if your doctor or your condition restricts how much you can lift or how long you can stand. We need to know the side effects of your medication(s).

In the interest of your health and safety, you may be asked to have your doctor complete a Medical Information Form.

Is there a cost for the service?

Usually, there is no cost for individuals with a disability who are receiving help from Career Services. However, if you are involved with an insurance company, W.S.I.B., or any agency that is receiving money to assist you, some fees may apply.

Is there a waiting list?

Yes, sometimes there is a waiting list, but we may not be able to give you a specific start date. Because of our commitment to individualized services and the unpredictability of the employment market timelines can be difficult to forecast.

What are some of the service options?

Choosing the best option depends on the experience you bring with you.

If you have never worked and know little about what employers expect, it may be recommended that you have an assessment of your work habits and skills while working in Career Services’ own industry.

If the work available there is not suited to you, you might participate in a functional or situational assessment with a different employer in the community.

Career Planning and Preparation, might help you explore and choose an employment path that is right for you. To help you explore your interests or gain experience, you may be encouraged to participate in a community work placement. This helps the employment counsellor and the employer get to know first-hand what you bring to the job.

If you have already held jobs that have worked out well, you may be referred directly to our Placement Department for assistance performing a successful job search.

Can I bring someone with me?

Yes, you can bring someone with you, but the Intake Counsellor will meet with you alone at first. Later, the person or people who come with you will join the interview so everyone knows the plan for supporting your steps towards vocational or employment goals.

Why would I apply to Career Services?

There are many reasons why it may be difficult for you to find or keep a job.

It may be lack of education or work experience. It may be that your disability prevents you from performing all the duties in an advertised job or from working at a fast pace. It may be that employers are not used to hiring someone with a disability. It may be that you and your employer could benefit from advice about accommodations or adapting a job. It may be that you do not understand what is expected of you as an employee.

Career Services can help you identify your unique issues and assist you in overcoming or accommodating your barriers to employment.

Do I need to bring anything to the Intake Interview?

Bring any information that you have that is related to work such as a resume, school records, certificates or letters of reference from previous employers.

How long will I be at Career Services?

Your length of involvement will depend on your employment goals, how soon a good employment match becomes available or how long you will benefit from job maintenance supports. Our goal for all individuals is to transition to independence.