Vocational Assessment

Learn more about your skills, employability and employment options.

What is Vocational Assessment?

A vocational assessment is a process that helps to evaluate your strengths and identify areas of need. The results from these tests help determine your employability. Reviewing the results helps you and your counsellor identify work options for you to consider.

Your assessment will start with some standardized tests to evaluate your aptitude and skills, personality and interests. Each testing session will last about 2 hours. Results from your tests will be reviewed with you.

The results from your assessment help you and your counsellor plan the next steps. Some people are referred directly to our placement department for assistance with job search. More often, we first need to find out more about your work habits and skills on the job. If more information is required arrangements will be made for you to perform a functional or situational assessment. At the end of the assessment period, a report is written. The report will include recommendations and will outline specific training needs.

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