Employment Supports

At Career Services we understand that getting a job is only the first step in achieving your employment goals. We want to ensure that you will be successful in maintaining employment and to meet and exceed the employer’s expectations. The critical note is that we are here to help you succeed and we will do whatever it takes to help you achieve and maintain your employment success.

Job Search
  • Develop a winning resume
  • Assist clients in developing successful job search strategies
  • Enhance your interview skills


Job Coaching
  • Assist clients in developing positive work habits
  • Assist in developing work routines and skills
  • Assess workplace and develop accommodations if needed to ensure success is met


Job Maintenance
  • Assist clients in dealing with employment related issues
  • Act as intermediary between client and employer
  • Continually assist client in meeting independence within the workplace


Wage Subsidies
  • Strategize to obtain employment through potential wage subsidy
  • Assistance in the application of wage subsidy if applicable