Career Planning and Preparation

Explore your interests, find your unique career path.

How do I find a job that is right for me?

Some individuals find it difficult to decide on a suitable career path, especially in today’s challenging job market. As a first step toward entering the workforce, Career Services can offer you career/employment planning that will help you explore your interests, discover realistic work options and develop your own unique career path.

We understand that every person and every situation is unique, and as an agency, Career Services works very hard to ensure each person is given the opportunity to fully explore his/her options. Your counsellor will help you review your vocational assessment, functional assessment and help you to investigate feasible options.

Essential to the process, Career Services monitors the ever-changing economy, employment trends and maintains close ties to the local labour market. To the process Career Services also brings experience and barrier-knowledge for a wide variety of disabilities and appropriate functional accommodations. Career Services believes in taking this very personalized approach to career planning, an approach that for years has proven successful with many people.

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