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Client Services

People come to Career Services for assistance in finding or keeping a job. Career Services can help an individual make employment or volunteer work a reality by helping the person prepare for and explore suitable employment options which include:

The agency is partially funded by The Ministry of Community and Social Services.

Industrial Services

We offer many Industrial Services. Please read the Industrial Services section for more information.

Values & Principles
  • We are committed to providing services and products of the highest quality
  • We are committed to honest, ethical, and professional conduct with all of our clients, customers, employees, parents/guardians, and agency partners
  • We are committed to treating all program participants as we would like to be treated – with respect, kindness, and understanding
  • We are committed to working in harmony with each other and combining our diverse skills to achieve synergy


1972 Founded as the BCW.
1976 Incorporated in the province of Ontario as a non-profit corporation.
1979 Hired first placement staff to develop and support community placement and employment.
1980-81 Built new industrial/training facility @ Hubbell St., Brockville.
1987 Opened a satellite community based office to serve a wider population (King St., Brockville).
1990 Joined community partners at a “generic” office called the Employment and Education Centre @ Arvic Plaza, Brockville.
1992 With community partners, delivered the Leeds & Grenville Jobs Ontario program.
1993 Participated in the establishment of the local training and adjustment board and the appointment of the disability representative.
1994 & 1995 With community partners developed and facilitated the Employment Support Program for Social Assistance Recipients.
1995 Employment and Education Centre moved to Strowger Blvd.
1996 Established a cardboard recycling business.
1997 Established and operated a temporary labour agency called Team Temp.
1998 Developed and facilitated the Employment and Wellness Program.
1998 Began administering the local budget and program for Opportunities Fund for Human Resources and Social Development Canada.
1999 Approved as an Employment Supports Service Provider for the Ontario Disability Support Program Employment Supports
2001 Partnered with local agencies to implement “Thresholds” Program.
2002 Expansion of on-site crews @ 3M Brockville Tape Plant.
2007 Development of assessment programs for clients @ P&G and 3M Plants.
2007 Expansion to Hubbell St. facility to increase capacity with Cover-All addition.
2008 Enhancement to Hubbell St. Facility to handle food-grade product.
2010 Upgrades to our facility to operate production lines for Shell Canada and Donaldson’s.
2011 Successful application for various accessible upgrades to our facility and services under the Enabling Accessibility Fund.  Acquired semi-automated equipment line for case and carton packaging

Career Services organized a very successful National Access Awareness Week in celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Rick Hansen Wheels in Motion tour.  The celebration involved training workshops, an Access Fair, and was topped off with a Justin Hines Concert at the Brockville Arts Centre

2012 Launch of our new website.
2013 The Summerwork$ Pilot Project was created and funded by Career Services to assist students in obtaining employment and training as they navigate through the transition phase from school to work
2015-2017 On-going modernization of services by hiring a Job Developer and Youth Transitions Facilitator as part of a Employment Service Modernization Project